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Schools Where Children Matter
Exploring Educational Alternatives

Doralice Lange DeSouza Rocha

Catalog Number 40230, June 2003, 252 pages, $14.00

Schools Where Children Matter shows successful alternatives to standardized learning. Dr. Rocha describes three holistic schools -- a Waldorf school and two other models -- that practice more authentic and caring ways of teaching, and explains how children thrive in these learning environments. She provides an intimate look into the daily life of these well-established alternative schools, revealing their differences as well as the common qualities that distinguish holistic education from conventional schooling.

This insightful new book gives parents and teachers commonsense advice about fitting educational practices to children's needs and characteristics. The author discusses the art of finding the right balance of freedom and structure for each child's unique ways of learning.

"This book should help both teachers and parents in deciding what kind of program is best for their children. The material on Waldorf education alone is worth the price of the book. It is a delight to read as Dr. Rocha writes in a conversational manner that fully engages the reader yet does not compromise the scholarship which is also evident here."
--Dr. Jack Miller, author of Education and the Soul
and The Holistic Curriculum

Table of Contents

The School Around Us
  • The School Around Us
  • The Pedagogy of Connections at the SAU
  • The Social Curriculum of the SAU
  • The Big Challenge: Trying to Find the Right Balance Between Freedom and Structure
  • Learning from the SAU Experience
  • Feedback on Research Findings
The Sunshine Waldorf School
  • Waldorf Education and the Sunshine Waldorf School
  • A Curriculum of the Heart, Hand, and Head
  • Promoting a Sense of Sacredness, Gratitude, and Reverence: Spirituality in the Waldorf Curriculum
  • Conceptions of Freedom and Structure in Waldorf Education
  • Questions and Issues
The Bellwether School
  • Introducing the Bellwether School
  • The Emergent Curriculum
  • A Special Light in the Eyes
  • The Orchestration Between Freedom and Structure
  • Final Comments
Closing Remarks
Appendix: Research Methodology

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