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Ron Miller is one of the premier authorities in the field of holistic and alternative education. Over the course of his career he has authored a dozen books and compilations of essays and served as founding editor of the journal Holistic Education Review, now called Encounter: Education for Meaning and Social Justice.

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Caring for New Life:
Essays on Holistic Education

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Miller, long a proponent of the holistic approach to education, reflects on what it means, its mission, and the challenges facing the movement. Many of the essays in this collection are original, while others have appeared only in little-known publications in the alternative education community.
Miller is concerned about the standardization and narrowing of learning in this age of global corporate power. Instead, he believes that education is the practice of freedom; it is essentially an open-ended, open-hearted responsiveness to life situations as they arise.

Educational Freedom for a Democratic Society:
A Critique of National Goals, Standards, and Curriculum

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Educational initiatives promulgated by the federal government since the late 1990s represent a massive shift of educational authority from families and local communities to federal and state bureaucracies, from teachers and learners to commissions of "experts" and policymakers. They replace intellectual freedom and cultural diversity with a narrow, economy-driven vision of standardization and uniformity.
Educational Freedom for a Democratic Society examines the pedagogical, ideological, constitutional and moral consequences of the increasing centralization of educational authority. It provides a comprehensive, perceptive, hard-hitting critique of the national goals and standards agenda that goes well beyond the sporadic criticisms found in the professional literature or the superficial treatment given this crucial issue in the mass media.

New Directions in Education:
Selections from Holistic Education Review

List Price if purchased separately: $12.95
This volume brings together 33 essays from the early years (1988-1990) of the pioneering journal Holistic Education Review that are as relevant today as the day they were originally published. The authors are teachers and principals in public and alternative schools, educational scholars, and independent writers and consultants who are developing (and in many cases implementing) truly "break-the-mold" solutions to the challenges of education today.
New Directions in Education addresses a full spectrum of educational issues, from race relations and bilingual learning to the nurturing of creativity and imagination, from critical literacy and whole language to environmental education and the Vision Quest rite of passage. It provides a critical perspective on topics such as grades, corporal punishment, and attention deficit disorder. Also included are moving personal reflections on the experience of teaching and learning such as "The Presence of the Child," "On the Education of Wonder and Ecstasy," "Schools as Communities of Love and Caring," and many others.

What Are Schools For?
Holistic Education in American Culture

Complete E-Book on CD-ROM.
List Price if purchased separately: $18.95
What Are Schools For? provides a concise account of the historical origins of American public schooling. Using a broad American Studies perspective that draws on research in social and intellectual history as well as a critical interpretation of educational theory, Miller identifies key cultural themes that have influenced the purpose, structure, and methods of modern educational institutions. He explains, for example, how the modern worldview associated with capitalism and scientific reductionism underlies conventional assumptions about schools, teaching, and learning. Miller then demonstrates that holistic education, grounded in a fundamentally different worldview, reflects very different assumptions about education and schooling.

Renewal of Meaning in Education:
Responses to the Cultural and Ecological Crisis of Our Times

Complete E-Book on CD-ROM.
List Price if purchased separately: $18.95
Nine leading theorists of holistic education have contributed to this provocative original collection of perspectives on the deeper sources of the problems of contemporary education.
Douglas Sloan provides an eloquent overview of the philosophical issues raised by holistic thinkers; C.A. Bowers and David Orr each share their insights on the educational implications of the ecological crisis; David Purpel and Kathleen Kesson launch a stimulating dialogue between critical theory on the one hand, and traditional spiritual teachings and contemporary holistic theory, on the other; John P. Miller places holistic education in the context of changing worldviews, and contrasts it with more limited understandings of educational reform; Jeffrey Kane describes Rudolf Steiner's critique of scientism and the alternative epistemology that underlies his Waldorf education approach; finally, Lois Bridges Bird presents Whole Language as a theory of learning, teaching, curriculum, and community within a socio-political context.

Schools Where Children Matter:
Exploring Educational Alternatives

List Price if purchased separately: $14.00
Schools Where Children Matter shows successful alternatives to standardized learning. Dr. Rocha describes three holistic schools -- a Waldorf school and two other models -- that practice more authentic and caring ways of teaching, and explains how children thrive in these learning environments. She provides an intimate look into the daily life of these well-established alternative schools, revealing their differences as well as the common qualities that distinguish holistic education from conventional schooling.
This insightful new book gives parents and teachers commonsense advice about fitting educational practices to children's needs and characteristics. The author discusses the art of finding the right balance of freedom and structure for each child's unique ways of learning.

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