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A $169.65 Holistic Education Library for Only $50!
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When we sent out mailers and prepared print advertisements announcing this special offer, we had no idea how popular it would be. Three of the titles in the original offer already have disappeared from our inventories. Substitutions will be made for listed titles that become unavailable.

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Section 1. Titles Currently Available in this Collection.

Ten Common Myths in American Education
by Mordechai Gordon

List Price: $19.95

Gordon explores and systematically dismantles some of the most prominent myths that have recently driven American educational policy. The book will make you rethink what you -- along with many others -- have assumed to be true about the nature of teaching and learning!

Table of Contents

  • Foreword by Joe L. Kincheloe
  • Good Teaching Means Following a Recipe
  • Theories Can be Applied Directly to Practice
  • Students Need to Know the "Basics"
  • Keeping Students Busy Enhances Learning
  • Confusion and Uncertainty Hinder Learning
  • Technology is The Cure for All Problems in Education
  • More Testing Results in Higher Standards
  • Multicultural Education: It's Only about Heroes and Holidays
  • Easy Solutions Work in Education

  • Partnership Education in Action.
    Edited by Dierdre Bucciarelli and Sarah Pirtle

    List Price: $5.00

    "Partnership Education is openly and frankly committed to a different vision of society, one that values the diverse abilities and potentials or all people, and tries to make a place for each of us." Ron Miller

    Section Heads

  • Preface by Ron Miller
  • Partnership Process
  • Partnership Content
  • Partnership Structure
  • Your Next Steps with Partnership Education

  • What Every Great Teacher Knows:
    Practical Principles for Effective Teaching

    by Dick Gibbonney and Clark Webb
    (A Complete Book on CD-ROM)

    List Price: $14.95

    A superb distillation of John Dewey's educational theory, illustrated by teachers' stories.

    Section Heads

  • Introduction and User's Guide
  • Thinking and Experience
  • Teaching Objectives
  • Subject Matter
  • Teaching Methods

  • Classroom Management:
    The Dance of the Dolphin
    by Mark Kennedy

    List Price: $18.95

    How to run an effective classrooms from an holistic, child-centered perspectives by an honored classroom teacher.

    Table of Contents

  • Prologue. Finally, Two Weeks Off
  • Introduction. The Approaching Holidays
  • Man and Dolphin: The Lazy Circle of Leadership
  • Leading the Dance
  • The Leadership Challenge: Delegating to Student Leadership
  • Inviting All Students to the Dance
  • Advanced Classroom Leadership
  • Dancing in the Street

  • Lessons from the Hawk.
    by Mark Kennedy

    List Price: $18.95

    Kennedy develops the concept that there are four fundamental approaches to learning, only one of which is the traditional, analytic, professorial model and shows how teachers can build on students' individual styles by incorporating the others.

    Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Four Teaching and Learning Perspectives
  • Identifying Perspectives
  • Reaching All Students in the Classroom
  • Extending Perspectives through Homework
  • Democracy in the Classroom
  • School Reform: Viability through Feedback
  • Schools of the Future

  • "Under the Tough Old Stars":
    Ecopedagogical Essays
    by David W. Jardine

    List Price: $12.00

    An inspired collection of 17 essays on ecology and education

    Educational Freedom for a Democratic Society:
    A Critique of National Goals, Standards, and Curriculum
    Edited by Ron Miller

    List Price: $12.00

    A groundbreaking collection of writings by sixteen academics, educators, and parent activists, this book brings together important voices rarely heard in the mass media. Contributors include Nel Noddings, James Moffett, David E. Purpel, Ron Miller, Linda Dobson, Pat Farenga, Patrick Shannon, and Lynn Stoddard.

    A Free Range Childhood:
    Self Regulation at Summerhill School
    by Matthew Appleton

    List Price: $18.95

    Although much has been written about Summerhill over this years, A Free Range Childhood is the only first-hand account to emerge from the school since founder A.S. Neil's death in 1973.
    Free Range "raises some important, if uncomfortable, questions about modern methods of child-rearing." Zoe Readhead, principal of Summerhill

  • Introduction
  • Discovering Summerhill
  • The Adult/Child Relationship
  • A Children's Culture
  • Community Meetings
  • Destructiveness and Unhappiness
  • Non-Compulsory Lessons
  • Swearing, Bad Manners, and Unmade Beds
  • Emotions and Armoring
  • The Sexual Continuum
  • Bibliography and Afterword

  • Holistic Education:
    Pedagogy of Universal Love
    by Ramon Gallegos Nava

    List Price: $16.95

    Nava lays out the principles of holistic education clearly and simply, explaining its core tenets, key concepts, and points of departure from the old mechanistic educational paradigm.
    Nava has written an excellent resource and background for teacher-practitioners or parents who are searching for alternatives and want to learn more about the holistic approach." Phil Gang

    Table of Contents

  • The Birth of the Holistic Vision
  • Principles of Holistic Education
  • Intelligence, Learning, and Knowledge
  • The Conscious Learning of the New Science
  • Learning to Live with Limits
  • Learning Communities and Global Citizenship
  • The Spiritual Foundation of Holistic Education
  • The Holistic Educator

  • New Directions in Education:
    Selections from Holistic Education Review
    Edited by Ron Miller

    List Price: $12.95

    A collection of 33 of the most important and thought provoking articles from the first ten issues (all now out of print)of Holistic Education Review

    Book Sections

  • Introduction
  • Philosophical Foundations
  • A Global-Ecological Perspective
  • Rethinking Some Old Problems
  • New Goals for Education
  • Holistic Education in Practice
  • Glossary and Reading List

  • The Primal, The Modern, and the Vital Center:
    A Theory of Balanced Culture in a Living Place
    by Donald Oliver, Julie Canniff, and Jouni Korhonen

    List Price: $5.00

    "This work represents the apex of Donald Oliver's distinguished career as an uncommonly creative and provocative educational thinker.... His notion of a 'balanced' or 'vital' center offers a vision of society that would support the development of a more holistic education." Ron Miller

    Section Heads

  • Introduction
  • The Error of Our Way
  • Reconsidering Our Modern Way of Making Meaning
  • Reconsidering Our Modern Understanding of Human Nature, Culture, and Diversity
  • Reconsidering the Significance of Self and Place
  • An Organic Theory of Place and Culture
  • Reconsidering Prospects for Change
  • Bibliography

  • Schools Where Children Matter:
    Exploring Educational Alternatives
    by Doralice Lange DeSouza Rocha

    List Price: $14.00

    An insightful comparison of three quite different schools that practice holistic approaches to education. Rocha invites readers to explore learning environments that respect children's authentic identity and nourish their fullest development.

    "This book is an important addition to the growing literature on holistic education. The material on Waldorf education alone is worth the price of the book...." Jack Miller

    Section Heads

  • Foreword and Introduction
  • The School Around Us
  • The Sunshine Waldorf School
  • The Bellwether School
  • Closing Remarks
  • References and Research Methodology


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