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What Every
Great Teacher Knows

Practical Principles for Effective Teaching

Richard A. Gibboney and
Clark D. Webb

Fully searchable and printable e-book on CD-ROM $14.95

What Every Great Teacher Knows “is a practical and comprehensive stimulant for teachers interested in thinking about their practice (and even provides Deweyan solutions to bus conduct and sentence diagramming).”
“I particularly like the way the book takes Dewey’s comprehensive theory and shows it can work in real classroom situations.”
— Richard Parker
"Gibboney and Webb have shown what is possible when educators look beyond quick fixes and consider what purposes schools should serve."
— Ron Miller
Gibboney and Webb distill the essence of John Dewey’s educational theory into eighteen practical principles designed to illuminate the teaching experience and engage current and prospective teachers in thoughtful reflection on the learning process and how it relates to their teaching.

What Every Great Teacher Knows is arguably the best, most succinct, most accessible exposition of Dewey’s educational philosophy available today. Far from being a dry academic tome, Great Teacher is a unique tool that will help you and reassess your view of your profession and your classroom practices in the light of the most comprehensive educational theory that has yet emerged in this country. Your reflections may be unsettling, but they will lead to professional growth and more effective practice.

An important feature of Great Teacher are the authentic teacher voices that illustrate each of Dewey’s eighteen principles. They help remind us that Dewey’s approach to education, while thoroughly grounded in theory and vision, was at its root both practical and achieveable.

What Every Great Teacher Knowsis an ideal text for preservice courses, inservice programs, small-group teacher-led discussions, personal reflection, and professional renewal.

Dick Gibboney is the author of the highly acclaimed Stone Trumpet. He currently teaches at the University of Pennsylvania. He has been a public school teacher, Vermont Commissioner of Education, and Deputy Secretary of Education in Pennsylvania.
Clark Webb teaches at Brigham Young University. He has been in teacher education, at both the secondary and university levels, for over 30 years.

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