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Education for Meaning and Social Justice

If you are one of the many educators who feel lost or frustrated in the educational world created by NCLB, if you know that there is more, much more, to being a teacher — or administrator — than making sure that your students score well on high-stakes tests, you should consider subscribing to the online archive edition of ENCOUNTER: Education for Meaning and Social Justice.

ENCOUNTER is a journal of educational research and perspective featuring articles about returning balance to education by embedding teaching in a framework that enhances students’ personal growth as humane beings and cultivates in them a genuine commitment to social justice and an awareness that we are all but a part of a larger natural world — while insisting on genuine achievement in learning and skill acquisition.

Although ENCOUNTER is no longer being published quarterly, it will, over the next two years make available online most of the almost 1000 articles and book reviews that it has published over the last 25 years. Your one-time subscription fee will insure continuing access to this treasury of fact, perspective and inspiration. To see a tiny sample of the articles that are already available, visit our online contents page.

ENCOUNTER has been and remains an important counterweight to the current trend in American educational policy that denigrates whatever cannot be mass produced and objectively measured. Unfortunately, this approach all too often reduces learning solely to multiple-choice or fill-in-the-blanks knowledge. ENCOUNTER believes that genuine learning involves more than that — and it invites you to join us in an exploration of the possibilities.

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All personal subscriptions include:
  • Full unrestricted university-class access to the full text of all Encounter articles as they become available on the Web. Currently 180 articles and book reviews are available, with scores more added each month.
  • Periodic notices of updated contents availability are emailed to all subscribers, along with specific directions on how to access the full text of individual articles and entire issues online.
  • Also included in the one-time access fee are full length books in PDF format. Two titles are currently available, with almost a dozen more to follow. And by special arrangement with other a kindred publisher, the full archive of all 23 issues of Paths of Learning magazine will be available as well.

Access to journal content is by username and password assigned by the journal.

Institutional (Multi-User) One-Time Access Fee: $135

Institutional subscriptions includes all of the features of personal subscriptions, except that access is mediated by dedicated IP address and is available throughout the entire university community. Individual usernames and passwords are not needed.

Subscription orders may be placed through our secure website, by phoning us at 1-800-639-4122, or by writing to us at P.O. Box 328, Brandon, VT 05733-0328.