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Encounter 20(4) Winter 2007.

  • Guest Editorial: New Thinking about Homework. Etta Kralovec
  • A Brief History of Homework. Etta Kralovec
  • An Interview with Alfie Kohn. William Crain
  • A Parent's Perspective on Homework. Sara Bennett
  • Homework and the Freedom to Think: A Piagetian Perspective. William Crain
  • Do the Math: Redesigning Homework to Create More Time for Learning. Chris Ellsasser
  • Hazardous Homework? The Relationship Between Homework, Goal Orientation, and Well-Being in Adolescence. Mollie K. Galloway and Denise Pope
  • The Homework Trap. Kenneth Goldberg
  • The Homework Revolution. Susan Ohanian
  • Encounter 20(3) Autumn 2007.

  • Editorial: Stones. William Crain
  • Children: An Endangered Species? Chris Mercogliano
  • Homework: A Conversation with Sara Bennett. Kate McReynolds
  • Profanity Against the Teacher: A Personal Story. Sheridan Gold
  • What Trees Know: Talking with Teachers about the Imagination of Being. Richard Lewis
  • Practice or Perfect? Suzanne Hudd
  • Distorted Graduation Rate Statistics in Higher Education. Paul Attewell and David E. Lavin
  • Asian Women Past and Present: A Closer Look at the Meaning of Tradition. Sung Ha Suh
  • Transformative Principles for Teaching. Barbara Hruska
  • Contemplative Urban Education. David Forbes
  • Encounter 19(2) Summer 2006.

  • Editorial: The Free Spirit. William Crain
  • Reflecting on Spirituality in Education. Ron Miller
  • Clean Little Secrets: Avoiding the Language of Energy Work. Nancy Meltoff
  • Critical Theories of Race, Class, and Gender in Urban Education. Marvin Lynn et al.
  • Role Reversal Day: Student Empowerment and Teacher Learning at an Holistic School. Raji Swaminathan
  • The No Child Left Behind Act Raises Growing Concerns. Kate McReynolds
  • A Call to Action on the Education of Young People. The Alliance for Childhood
  • From the Free School: The Real Deal. Chris Mercogliano
  • Let's Not Forget Quiet Time. Ann Gazzard
  • Helping Students Explore Personal Identities. Kjersti-VanSlyke-Briggs
  • The Courage to Teach Program: Reflections on Renewal. Mary Goral et al.
  • Brief Report: Ethical Standards and Standardized Tests. Jerry Robicheau
  • Brief Report: Envisioning the Good School. Hunter O'Hara
  • Encounter 19(1) Spring 2006.

  • Editorial. Testing. William Crain
  • When Imaginary Companions are Sources of Wisdom. Tobin Hart and Erin E. Zellars
  • Finding the Zone: Beyond the Social Construction of Masculine Gender Identity. David Forbes
  • Lions and Tigers and Beggars, Oh My! Chris Mercogliano
  • Student Poems by India June and Luke Solomon
  • When Teaching Young Children, Trust the United Mind of All Beings. Sookhee Im
  • A Business Model for Education. Raymond Nowicki
  • Learning as a Process: General Observations and Suggestions for Parents. Philip E. Johnson
  • Aspects of a Spiritual Life. Rupert Collister
  • Three Poems by Richard Lewis
  • Letter: The True Self. Kate McReynolds
  • Encounter 18(4) Winter 2005.

  • Editorial. The True Self. William Crain
  • Mr. Pokey: A Turtle Diary. Kate McReynolds
  • Rose: A Remembrance. Jennifer Cipri
  • Viewpoint. Race and Choice. Chris Mercogliano
  • Taking Risks. A Poem by Pat Lillis
  • Viewpoint. Targeting Deficiencies. Susan Nelson
  • Standardized Solutions? A Dialogue with Deborah Meier. Adam Howard
  • Character Education in a Consuming Society: The Insights of Albert Schweitzer.
    Suzanne S. Hudd
  • I am a Holistic Educator, Not a Dancing Monkey. Andrew P. Johnson
  • From Silence to Dissent: Fostering Critical Voices in Teachers.
    Alan Canestrari and Bruce Marlowe
  • Camping Out. Charles Turner
  • Encounter 18(2) Summer 2005.

  • Editorial: Green Places to Play. William Crain
  • An Interview with Kenneth B. Clark: Teacher, Psychologist, and Fighter for Justice. Lawrence Nyman
  • Homework. Kate McReynolds
  • Hana's Suitcase and My Personal Journey. Leah Hersh
  • Preparing Students for Twenty-First Century Adulthood: Missing the Boat and the Harbor Too. Chris Mercogliano
  • High Stakes Testing and Lost Opportunities: The New York State Regents Exam. Michelle Fine
  • Ten Pillars of a Jungian Approach to Education. Clifford Mayes
  • Spring Equinox 2005 (or the New War Dead). Gerald McCarthy
  • Viewpoint: Bringing It All Back Home. Richard J. Prystowsky
  • Brief Report: Exams and the Learning Environment. Carlo Ricci and Ellie Berger
  • Contemplative Practitioners: Presence or the Project of Thinking Gaze Differently. Sharon Solloway
  • Where's Waldorf? Mary Barr Goral and Julie A. Chlebo
  • Encounter 18(1) Spring 2005.

  • Editorial. Tsunami. William Crain
  • John Hope: A White Man Who Chose to be Black. Lawrence Rushing
  • Peace Education. Lisa Porter and Maureen Lorimer
  • Teachers as People. Janet Alsup
  • Do Free Schools Promote Chaos? A Study of the Albany Free School. Kristan A. Morrison
  • Educating from Within: The Inspiration of Janusz Korzcak
  • Contemplative Practices in Teacher Education. John P. Miller and Ayako Nozawa
  • Reasons to Turn Off the Screen: What a Mother and Child Psychologist Has Learned. Molly G. Burke
  • Viewpoint. My Three Sons. Chris Mercogliano
  • Interview. Giving Children the Space to Grow. Peggy Flinsch Interviewed by Caty Laignel
  • Letters. Freedom to Find Oneself (Kate McReynolds) and Walking by Ourselves with our Toes (John T. Kolaga)
  • Encounter 17(4) Winter 2004.

  • Editorial. Winning. William Crain
  • Becoming a World: Children and their Poetic Intelligence. Richard Lewis
  • Children and Pets. Charles Turner
  • Teach Me More about Nature. Raliek Young
  • Poem. Iskask
  • Janusz Korczak: What it Means to Become an Educator. Joop W.A. Berding
  • The Yummy Pizza Curriculum: A Social Justice Experiment. Bill Morgan
  • High-Tech Childhood. Alliance for Childhood
  • Multicultural Education: Moving Beyond Heroes and Holidays. Mordechai Gordon
  • Historias from the Margins. Indigenous Cultures in Modern Mexico. Gustavo A. Teran
  • The Death and Rebirth of Ivan Illich. Dana L. Stuchul and Madhu Suri Prakash
  • Moon and Clouds. Two Poems by Gerald McCarthy
  • Encounter 17(3) Autumn 2004.

  • Editorial. Biased Tests. William Crain
  • Snails in the Classroom. Charles Turner
  • Feminist Pedagogy and the Elementary Classroom. Lee Woodham Digiovanni
  • African American Women and the Pursuit of Higher Education. Tasha Prosper
  • Gay Male High School Teachers: A Taxonomy of Fear. William DeJean
  • Young Immigrants: A Psychological Development Perspective. Glen Milstein and Luka Lucic
  • What is Essential in Mathematics Education? A Holistic Viewpoint. Robert London
  • Silence and Solitude. Raji Swaminathan
  • Education as a Glowing Experiment. Ceciel Verheij
  • Building a Community of Learners: A very Special School. Doralice Lange de Souza Rocha
  • Review Essay: Bickman's Minding American Education. Catherine A. Franklin
  • Encounter 17(2) Summer 2004.

  • Editorial. Montessori. William Crain
  • Progressive Education and Civil Rights. Gus Trowbridge
  • Against Global-Speak. Daniel Bogert-O'Brien
  • Nourishing the Spiritual Embryo: The Educational Vision of Maria Montessori. Ron Miller
  • School Vouchers and School Choice. Michele Forman
  • "Love Flows." Will Ashton
  • Teaching from a Spiritual Perspective. Robert London, Aostre Johnson, Lourdes Arguelles, Richard Brown, Sam Crowell, and John Donnelly
  • The Mystical Child: Glimpsing the Spiritual World of Children. Tobin Hart
  • Time for Play, Every Day. Alliance for Childhood
  • Encounter 17(1) Spring 2004.

  • Editorial. Words, Words, Words. William Crain
  • The Geography of Privilege. Peter Sacks
  • The Push for Early Academic Instruction: A View from Europe. Christopher Clouder
  • Philosophically Based Alternatives in Education. Robin Ann Martin
  • The Good News about Teacher Personality Disorder. Bruce Marlowe and Marilyn Page
  • Choosing Healing Over Saving. Gregory A. Smith
  • Educating for Human Greatness. Lynn Stoddard
  • For the Love of Frogs: Promoting Ecological Sensitivity through the Arts. Kathleen Kesson
  • Shakespeare Goes to Kindergarten: Poetry and Young Children. Evelyn Walsh
  • Using Underwood's Native American Stories in the Classroom. Marsha L. Heck
  • Encounter 16(4) Winter 2003.

  • Editorial. Vegetarianism. William Crain
  • The Triumph of Rigidity. New York City's New Curriculum. Susan Kotansky
  • A Talk to New Parents as School Begins. Mary Trowbridge
  • Classroom Discussions of Power. Lynn Fischer
  • Mina P. Shaughnessy and the Second Chance. Mary Soliday
  • Multiculturalism with an Edge. Priya Kapoor
  • Jung's Archetypal Psychology and the Spiritual Development of Teachers. Kathleen Kesson
  • Visions of Dynamic Space: Place and Pedagogy in Montessori and Waldorf Education
  • Correspondence: Jung on Young People. Charles Maurer; William Crain; Clifford Mayes, and Robert Mitchell
  • Fast Food and Environmental Awareness: An Essay Review of Fast Food Nation. Madhu Prakash and Dana Stuchel
  • Encounter 16(3) Autumn 2003.

  • Editorial. Jung. William Crain
  • Negative Human Potential. Andrew P. Johnson
  • The Heart in Holistic Education. Lourdes Arguelles, Rollin McCraty, and Robert A. Rees
  • The Heart in Holistic Education: Comment and Response. Thomas F. Crain; Arguelles, McCraty, and Rees
  • Child Development from the Perspective of Eastern Philosophy. Tadashi Nishhihira
  • Buddhism as an Example of a Holistic, Relational Epistemology. Barbara J. Thayer-Bacon
  • The Growing Value of Gardens. Erik Assadourian
  • Teaching Mysteries. Clifford Mayes
  • Doing "Good Science": On the Virtues of Simply Messing About. Kathleen Kesson
  • Letters. Robert Mitchell and Ben Williams
  • Encounter 16(2) Summer 2003.

  • Editorial: Questioning Assumptions. William Crain
  • Depth, Timelessness, Circularity, and Levity. Eric L. Dodson
  • The Heart of Holistic Education: A Reconstructed Dialogue Between Ron Miller and Rob Koegel
  • Who is the Kindergarten Child? Susan Kotansky
  • Children from Birth to Five: Academics versus Play. Alliance for Childhood
  • Deep Teaching. Ruth Wilson
  • Standards, Testing, and Education Reform: The Politics of False Generosity. Mordechai Gordon
  • "Turning the All Around Upside Down": The Graduate Classroom as an Alternative, Self-Organizing Setting. Frank Fear et al.
  • Moral Relativism and Democratic Free Schooling. Laura Webber
  • Eco-Spirituality. Robert S. E. Caine
  • Brief Report: Conflict Resolution and Peer Mediation: Underlying Values. Rebecca Stevens
  • Brief Report: Spaces in the Heart for Diverse Understandings. Jean Ann Foley
  • Encounter 16(1) Spring 2003.

  • Editorial. Traditions, Elders, and Teachers. William Crain
  • The Pueblo People and the Dominant Culture: Conflict, Confusion, and Astonishment. Joseph H. Suina.
  • The GRE and Me: Prestige Versus Quality in American Higher Education. Peter Sacks
  • African Americans and Higher Education: Still a Dream Deferred. Lawrence Rushing
  • Education for a Culture of Peace. Ron Miller
  • Animal Dreams. William Crain
  • I See Children in the Streets. Georgiana Calimeris
  • The Diary of Anne Frank: Before and After September 11. Bart Chaney
  • The Double Binds in Using Dewey's Epistemology to Address Eco-Justice Issues. C.A. Bowers
  • Brief Report: Experimental Teaching about Diversity. James D. Allen
  • Brief Report: Subtle Energies in the Classroom. Marti Anderson
  • Encounter 15(4) Winter 2002.

  • Editorial. Transitions and the Best and Worst of Times. Jeffrey Kane
  • A Calling to Teach: Faith and the Spiritual Dimensions of Teaching. Paul Michaelec
  • Enlivening Education through Art. Jack Petrash
  • Emotional Intelligence, The Witness, and Education. Ann Gizzard
  • The Use of Film Media as a Didactic Tool. Aaron Lieberman
  • Dysynchrony, Disintegration, and Rebirth. Andrew P. Johnson
  • Pathways to Inclusion: Rethinking Our Policy and Practice. Anne M. Mungai and Devin Thornburg
  • Encounter 15(3) Autumn 2002.

  • Editorial: Partnership Education and Nonviolent Communication. Rob Koegel, Guest Editor
  • Partnership Education for the 21st Century. Riane Eisler
  • Learning How to Partner With My Students. Rob Koegel
  • Practicing Linking. Sarah Pirtle
  • Performance Notes on a Swan Song. Steven Motenko
  • Essay Review: Tomorrow's Children by Riane Eisler. Reviewed by Ron Miller
  • Transforming Power Relations: The Invisible Revolution. Miki Kashtan
  • Democratic Educators as Compassionate Communicators. Thomas E. Kelly
  • Lessons from the Skarpnacks Free School. Sura Hart and Marianne Gothlin
  • I Had a Vision But No Roadmap: My Journey to Nonviolent Communication in the Classroom. Paulette Pierce
  • An Experiment in Life-Serving Education: The No-Sweat Project and Other Feats. Michael Dreiling
  • Essay Review: Living the Ideals of Holistic Education by Marshall Rosenberg. Reviewed by Katherine Simon
  • Teaching Children to Express their Inner World. Susan Bello
  • Encounter 15(2) Summer 2002.

  • Editorial. The Question of Gandhi. Dana L. Stuchul
  • Editorial. Gandhi's Truth: Be the Change You Wish for the World. Madhu Sura Prakash
  • Political Engagement and Service Learning: A Gandhian Perspective. Dilafruz Williams
  • Gandhian Education: The Difference Between Knowledge and Wisdom. Arun Gandhi
  • Hunger and Homelessness: Our Experiment with the Truth. Gregory A. Smith
  • Remaking Our Soil: Gandhi's Revolution for the 21st Century. Madhu Suri Prakash
  • Modern Subsistence: An Oxymoron? Dana L. Stuchul
  • From Untouchables to Conscientious Objectors. Daniel Grego
  • Mississippi Blues ... With Tiny Pockets of Gandhian Hope. Hedy Richardson
  • Towards an Environmentalism of the Global South: A Playful Conversation around Mahatma Gandhi. Pramod Parajuli, in Conversation with Dilafruz Williams
  • Encounter 14(4) Winter 2001.

  • Editorial: Cosmopolitan Democracy and Holistic Education. Dale T. Snauwaert
  • The Signature of the Whole: Radical Interconnectedness for Global and Environmental Education. David Shelby
  • Self-Knowing as Social Justice: The Impact of a Gay Professor on Ending Homophobia in Education. Jeff Sapp
  • Making Connections to the World: Some Thoughts on Holistic Curriculum. Ron Miller
  • The Battle for Social Justice at The City University of New York. William Crain
  • Habit as Habitation: Television's Effects on Learning. Cynthia R. Rothchild
  • Encounter 14(3) Autumn 2001.

  • Editorial: Why I am Opposed to Standards. Jeffrey Kane
  • Problems Old, Problems New: Reconciling Heart and Mind.
    Thomas W. Nelson
  • The Story of Our Lives: Understanding Our Students' Literacy Practices and Events. Linda S. Bauch
  • Mandalas: Circling the Square in Education. Allison J. Young
  • Creating a Space for Embodied Wisdom through Teaching.
    James Overboe
  • Parallels Between Dual Coding Theory and Quantum Physics.
    David Whitehead
  • Essay Review: Changing the Educational Diet. Jeff Edmundson
  • Encounter 14(2) Summer 2001.

  • Editorial: The Standards Movement and the Adequacy Approach to School Equity. Dale T. Snauwaert and Jeffrey Kane
  • Teaching for Wisdom. Tobin Hart
  • Dewey and the Romanticism of Holistic Education. Geoff Taggart
  • Teaching as a Moral Enterprise. David Brell
  • In Search of the Holocaust. Laila Lipetz
  • Quantum Metaphors and the Study of Mind-Brain. Delores D. Liston
  • Heinz Werner: Mapping the Territory Between Scientific and Poetic Understanding. Will Cosby
  • Encounter 14(1) Spring 2001.

  • Editorial: Transforming the Way We think About Thinking. Jeffrey Kane and Dale T. Snauwaert
  • Challenge for Education: Learning to Value the World Intrinsically. Heesoon Bai
  • Matthew Fox's Four Vias in Holocaust Education for Teachers: An Integrated Curriculum of the Spirit. Donna Glee Williams
  • Conceptions of Power: Liberating or Limiting? Trenia L. Walker
  • Existential Encounters in China. Gene Thibadeau
  • The Fragility of Community and Function: A Snapshot of an Alternative School in Crisis. Aaron Schutz and Ian M. Harris
  • Silence in Practice: A Good Word on the Good of Silence.
    Molly Quinn

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